The best rates , updated to 2020!

Prices become cheaper the more properties you administrate

In case of exceeding the minimum property limit, a monthly invoice will be issued at the beginning of the following month. Payment could be made through Paypal or Direct Debit.

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0 €/month

No. propertiesPrice per property
Up to 50 FREE with all features included.
It can be increased up to 350 properties.
From 51 to 990.05 € /prop/month
From 100 to 4990.04 €/prop/month
From 500 to 9990.03 €/prop/month
From 1000 to 24990.02 €/prop/month
2500 or more (*)0.01 € /prop/month
(*) If you have more than 4000 properties, please contact us to study your case.

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