What is Arteco Fincas ?

It is a web application for the administration of properties

  • It is an online software , it does not require installing anything on any device. It consists of two parts: the administrator panel and the owner's portal.
  • The implementation of the application is a benefit for many administrator, involving a cost reduction and increasing productivity .
  • Based on more than 30 years of experience within the property administration. Our collaborators are property administrators that have helped us developing the functional requirements from the beginning of this project.
  • Created in February 2009 it is now a mature project for the communities administration, adapting to every need and its different characteristics.
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Based on bank movements

You should only write down the bank movements , reviewing the bank's account, verifying that the Arteco Fincas and the bank balances match.

No need for accounting knowledge.

Keep the communities updated within minutes

Save paper and give the community members access to the owner's portal so they can see the reports of the settlements in real time.

Unbeatable support

Managing incidents and improvement requests is very important for us in order to give the best service, and we take that task very seriously.

Benefits of the online application

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Multi-user and multi-company

If you have a group of administrations you can administrate them all in a single platform.

Where and when you need to

Connect from anywhere and whenever you need, basically from any device that has an internet connection and an updated web browser.

Always updated

All users will be updated at all times with last improvements on the aplication.

Forget about maintenance

Forget about computer maintenance and backup copies. We do them for you and we ensure that the system is always operational.

Easy to use

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  • Account Settlements based on budget and / or due expenses
  • Generation of bank remittances to be send to the bank
  • Generation of fees for all communities on a single screen
  • Quick accounting system based on banking movements
  • General concepts, by company or specific by community
  • Browse through navigable reports to track any quantity
  • Other functionalities: incidents control, meeting calls, suppliers and real estate.