The easiest and lowest price for online property administration software within the market

Software as a service, continuously evolving. Keep updated the community accounts just in a few minutes from anywhere.



Use the application freely, no compromise or limitation, adding your own collaborators.


Advice and resolution of doubts whenever you need. We import the data for you with no additional cost.


Access information wherever you are, no installation needed. Just an Internet connection is enough.


All accounts based on bank movements, accounting knowledge is not required.

Some of the functionalities

Benefit from all the application features without limitation.

Administration Panel

Administrate your communities, owners, expenses and settlements. Check and export reports. Publish meeting calls and make direct debits

Owner's Portal

Owner's access to check the results of the settlements and documents available for them.

Multi- user and multi- company

If you have multiple accounts you can administrate them all in a single platform.

Where and when you need

Connect from anywhere and whenever you need, basically with any device that has an Internet connection and an updated web browser.

Always updated

All users will always be updated with last improvements on the application

Don't worry about maintenance

Forget about computer maintenance and backup copies. We do them for you and we care that the system is always operational.

Easy to use

Administrate all communities and properties following these simple steps

Create your community

Create the community files, properties and distribution groups

Create the owner's list

Associate the owners to each of the properties

Enter the expenses

Update the community account using the bank account as reference

Distribute the expenses

Distribute expenses among owners easily, with traceability and by direct debit

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